A Brand New Start!

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an act or incident involving excitement, daring, or adventure.

I’m living a life full of escapades, regardless if wanted or unwanted.

I’m Kim (or Kimmy to my friends) and I’m the owner of this not-so-fancy-blog. I’ve been a frustrated blogger since 2007 and have been to numerous blogging platforms before. Now, I’ve found a not-so-new-home here on WordPress. I’m 22 years young and when time permits, I do some blogging (just like this).

More of me, I have a degree in arts and my major is in Development Studies. I should be working with Non-Government Organisations, fighting for a cause but I’ve been working with contact centres, doing outsourcing services for clients outside the Philippines. I wanted to start my own travel blog before but keeps on failing to do so because I fail to keep up with it. I’ve had life and personal struggles and this will be a good balance for every negative thing that I have to deal in life.

More of the blog, my goal is to share some of my best experiences in life and spread good vibes. I do take lots of pictures using my phone and I rarely use my camera. I don’t do lots of travelling, though, because of time issues but when I do, I really take time to savour it. When I travel, I like going to bustling cities and take a good glimpse of how life is there. Sometimes, when I feel going alone, I take the adventure to low-crowded provinces and think about my life there. You will definitely see in here that I don’t compare places because every place is special to me. I am a big fan of beauty, albeit being subjective, and that’s what this blog is all about — the beauty of travelling; the benefit of living life to the fullest, and; the comeliness of looking at the world on a different perspective.

I hope you could join my journey towards life appreciation, enlightenment and self-discovery. I look forward to more travels and meeting you somewhere (yes, you who is reading this). See you! Au revoir!

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