To The Greatest Person Ever

You taught me the value of initiative when you didn’t have to guide me when I was studying for school. You’ve always been my believer; the one who knew I was capable to learn on my own at school. I know I’ve disappointed you for many times already because you’ve always known I had fears being recognized and I hated going up on stage for any award or recognition, but I know you’re always the proud one because you’ve always known my abilities.  You were the one who taught me the value of responsibility by providing everything we needed to survive in this life. You were and will always be my hero. I remember when I was hospitalized and no one was there for me. It was only you whom I’ve had a shoulder to lean on. I’ve learnt from you that it’s not everyday that we’d get all the things we want in life. We have to either earn it or wait for it. If it wasn’t for you, then I wouldn’t have had realized the value of taking care of myself firat before anything else.  You taught me that happiness should start from within; that I didn’t have to listen to anyone else but myself especially if I know that I was right. You’ve shown me the way on how to be a strong, independent person I am today. You guided me on finding my own niche in this life. We may have had ups and downs but you were always there for me. Through the years, you didn’t just age beautifully but you also kept gaining wisdom to share to us.  You taught me that no matter what happens, our family is together through thick and thin. We don’t have a big family unlike the others but we have big hearts to keep sharing and spreading love to each one of us; to those people who surround us. You taught us the value of voicing out our concerns in a respectful manner; that you’d listen to us because we’re your children. We’re all like friends at home because you’ve changed who you were just to get along well with us. You are one of a kind!

If only I could sing well like you, then I could have dedicated one of your favourite songs in the karaoke. If only I could dance well like you, then I could have danced you out and get some groove moving. If only I could cook well like you, then I would have cooked all of your favourite dishes every now and then. I am nowhere close to who you are, but all I can muster are these simply yet humble words to showcase my love for you.  Even if it isn’t your birthday, I know you know how much love I have for you, mum. Thank you for cooking my breakfast every single day of my life and for always bringing me either to the bus terminal or to the office. You keep waking up in the morning to prepare everything I’ll be needing for work. Thank you for reminding me to keep doing well at my job. Thank you for bringing me closer back to God. I may not be the perfect son for you and dad, nor a good brother to my siblings, but ai’m always trying my best to be somewhere close to being one. Thank you for the support for every decision I make in this life, and for letting me decide on my own to learn from these experiences. Thank you for letting me be and accepting whoever I am right now. Thank you for the unending patience to us. Lastly, thank you for the undying love for me and for our family.

Happy 48th Birhday, mum! Stay beautiful and humble. No words can really express how much I love you. Good luck with all of the things you need to do and accomplish. I’m always here to support you. Thank you and I love you forever. Yes, indeed, merong forever! ☺️ +++

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