Weekly Update: Week 29

Missing the beach and the long weekends.

Weekends are fun and exciting! I love the fact that I’m home alone this weekend and had the chance to think about things in my life. I know great things are about to come! I’m excited and couldn’t wait what the future has to unfold.


Seafood Marina Pasta x The Old Spaghetti House

Upon recovering from a recent Urinary Track Infection (UTI), I’m getting a lot more conscious with what I eat, thus am eating healthier food these days. I’ve decided to reward myself a plate of Seafood Marinara Pasta from The Old Spaghetti House. What a good treat it was!


A new printed wallet from Davao c/o Jann (Instagram: @janndemonteverde)

Jann, my office mate, has recently went to Davao together with her family. When she came back, we all received a new wallet from her. What’s with the wallet? It’s all about the fine prints and the gold strips, baby! I love how the design looks exquisite and rare. Good thing I haven’t bought a new wallet to replace my old one. Thanks again, Jann! 🙂


A new set of camera clip lens – Macro, Wide-Angle, and Fish Eye Lenses

All for Php 182, you get not one, not two, but three clip lens for an awesome photo taking experience. You may check my Instagram (@godonghae) to see more photos using these clip lens. Thank you, Lazada, for a good and fast service as always!


A new pair of grey. faux leather shoes

For Php 325, you get to enjoy a new pair of shoes from Lazada. I’m size 9 and a half (US) and good thing that’s in stock, so I don’t need to wait for that long to get my pair of shoes. What’s my motivation in buying a new pair of shoes? I just need to have a new shoes to use because my old loafers needed a breather. Lol!


Vanity Fair October 2015 back issue

I’m back at it! I’m back at collecting more magazines to stir up my creative juices. I like collecting magazines because I am reminded of the fact that I am a creative person and that’s something I could really use in my work.


  1. Work. Double effort in finding the right candidates to close out these classes. From referrals, online postings, to pirating candidates… aahh! This is driving me crazy!
  2. Exercise. I must go back to running and working out so everything will click and be back to normal. I’ve lost a lot of weight ever since I did my diet and healthy eating. So to tone my body, exercise is a must. i will start this week and be better at it.
  3. Books. I must continue reading the Red Queen so I can move to my next book this week. I don’t want to pressure myself so I’m taking my time to finish it. Just like in life, we want to take things slowly but surely.
  4. Weekend. Weekend has not ended yet but I’m looking forward to another weekend to spend here at home with my family. I hope everything will turn out well and I’ll be able to have a good rest once again. +++







One thought on “Weekly Update: Week 29

  1. Hello Kim!

    Hope all is well and doing good with you! Stay healthy and keep doing all the things you want (and need) to do. You’re such an inspiration to us, young bloods, out there.

    Thank you! 🙂


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