I deserve nothing (but the best!)

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Poolside at Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay, Rizal.

People say, we can always choose anything and that we are all entitled to options; we can choose to pursue what we want to do and forget those things which make life harder than it is already. As you go along in life, you’ll realize that there will come a time when you cannot choose anything. There are things which does not go along our way, and that’s just fine.

When I started with my new work months back and moved to a placed where I don’t speak the language and didn’t know anyone at all, I didn’t choose the people I work with. I didn’t know who they were. I didn’t know where they were from and what were their aspirations in life. I didn’t choose the place that I’ll be working with. I didn’t choose anything except to bring my presence onsite. What sets this group apart from the rest that I worked with is the fact that we didn’t choose to have one goal professionally. We didn’t decide to work together and discover great talents around the area and get them join our #RidiculouslyGood office. It just happened.

Things happen for a reason, and we sometimes don’t know what that reason is.

I didn’t choose to be with them not because I didn’t have any choice at all. I chose to stay and nurture what limited resources we had that time. We accidentally built a strong foundation―something so strong that it transcends from being mere colleagues to being friends even outside of the office. Who we are right now is a result of who we didn’t choose to be. We let time work in our favour and we allowed ourselves to be molded. No, we aren’t robots because we have EQ. We just didn’t force anything, and so everything fell to its rightful places. We didn’t have a choice but to wait while letting things happen with the limited time, pool, and resources that we had.

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Photo op with Rob, our Country Manager. I just wonder, what is he looking at up there? LOL!

I firmly believe that when you don’t have a choice in life, just work with what you have right now. You cannot simply look for something which you do not have. You cannot give anything you don’t have to anyone. This was evident back when our site was still starting.

It hit me hard because during the last part of our Team Building, Yancy, our site’s Recruitment Manager, cried right in front of everyone. He cried not because he was sad but because he was so grateful of such amazing people that he has (that includes me yay!) From putting up with his quirky, perky personality, to beating and meeting the ramp even though it was raised last minute by the clients, he thanked us and he said he couldn’t have done that without us contributing towards the goal.

Did he choose to have limited resources onsite? Did he choose to leave the challenge and take two steps back? Did he say it would be an easy path? Did he choose to do things all by himself?


He didn’t choose anything but to build a strong team (#PampangaStrong) and work their way up. We had many moments, thankfully those were winning moments, when the team showcased its capacity and points of improvements. We are like WIP (work in progress) inside a laboratory, ready to get experimented with but does not fear innovation. These challenges do not come our way to destroy us. These challenges help us develop our identity. We are defined by our struggles, wins, gains, and losses.

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“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision.”

I believe one of the most important learning I’ve got from this weekend’s Sourcing and Recruitment Team Building is to keep accepting challenge. You can never claim victory if you didn’t work hard to achieve that win. What Yancy and our experience onsite taught me is that these challenges and shortcomings only make us better. If we fail, then we just have to get back and up and start over again. We cannot fear failures. Instead, failures should fear us and our capabilities when we work strongly as one team.

We are born warriors, ready to survive and thrive in this life. We are capable of doing things creatively. If we could just continuously dream and let the flame inside us alive and burning, then there’s nothing to worry about. Just like what Carmela would say, as long as nobody died then we can still fix anything. At the end of the day, all of our hard works and efforts will not be put to waste. Why? This is because we all deserve nothing but the best in life out there! +++++


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