About Kim Alcantara

Scrapper. Struggling Millennial. A Serena Williams fan.

I help connect people to meaningful jobs and work with them to forge an amazing journey as employees. I’m quite visible in LinkedIn where you’ll immediately see where I’m passionate about – Talent Research and Management, Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing, Content and Copywriting, Social Media Marketing and Media Buying.

Outside work and if I’m not working from home, sweet home, I’m quite a bookworm and a movie buff. Currently, I’m working on some reviews for you – watch this space soon!

When going out was still easy and we had some sense of normalcy, discovering good food has been my go-to stress reliever. I take photos, too, and I’m trying my best to upload every once in a while.

For inquiries and messages, my e-mail is always open. You may also tweet or connect with me.